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Since the 1980's, Matrices has helped organizations adopt technology. This is consistently done with a business focus, and always with an eye toward improving your bottom line. With business considerations in mind, we apply our expert knowledge and technology experience, to produce returns uncommonly found in today's marketplace. Our proven practices and adoption models produce an understanding of:

  • WHY a technology can help you produce more income.
  • WHAT technology is appropriate to adopt today.
  • HOW to execute proven strategies!

Our Services

We help companies understand why, when and how to adopt technology through a a multi-faceted approach.

First we assess the business mission and strategies. We then look for opportunities where we can increase revenues. This is accomplished through production of powerful internet strategies, augmenting company identity and branding narratives, and execution of promotions or marketing communications.

In larger organizations the concept of departmental revenue may take the form of successfully achieving departmental ambitions or satisfying difficult obligations which the department may have already committed to.

As those revenue or goal seeking opportunities are pursued, we explore additional opportunities to improve the bottom line. To accomplish this, we observe organizational behaviors and identify opportunities to lower costs through improved process flows.

Technology advancement over the last 30 years has progressed at an unprecedented pace. Often times, various technologies can easily be integrated at a significantly lower cost than ever before in our history. The timing and approach to adaption of this technology is a skill set we’ve acquired and practiced for more than 30 years, throughout many business disciplines.


Use proven technologies! No sense in being a pioneer unless that is the only choice.


When Jeff Bezos first had sore knees from packing boxes, he thought -"We need knee pads!" Until it was pointed out... "What we need are packing tables."


What are the most cost effective, longest-lasting ways to open your markets. Is it time to improve or support your market identity?


One of the most common problems found today. How can I get this system to speak with that system. We have the answers!

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